Do NDIS Providers do Payroll as per the SCHADS Award

The SCHADS Award covers the crisis assistance and supported housing, social and community services and home care industries, and provides protections and entitlements including pay, hours of work, rosters, breaks, allowances, penalty rates and overtime.

The NDIS Disability Support Worker Cost Model estimates the cost of delivering a billable hour of support taking into account all of the costs associated with every billable hour, including base pay; shift loadings; holiday pay; salary on costs; supervision costs; utilisation (non-billable activities); employee allowances; corporate overheads and margin.

These estimates are the basis of the price limits set by the NDIA for supports delivered by DSWs, with price limits set at the level that can be achieved by providers who match the benchmarks set by their reasonably efficient competitors. Of course, the costs of providers are driven by a number of different factors, all of which are reflected in the Cost Model. NDIS Providers may overachieve on some benchmarks and underachieve on others.

Sustainable price levels are set with reference to the revealed economics of current providers. They are determined by the outcomes achieved by the most efficient (the 25th percentile) of NDIS providers. This means that at least 25 per cent of providers in the sector are currently operating at better than this cost benchmark. The NDIA considers that these benchmarks, therefore, represent reasonable targets for providers to aim for in the delivery of their services.

With PNRC, all these things are possible. We are the specialised accountant for NDIS providers. We help NDIS providers in the following ways:

  1. In identifying the gap in the current claiming process by reviewing the approved plan and service agreement with services provided by the client
  2. Streamline invoicing process by creating default invoices in the software with item codes as per the NDIA price guide
  3. Review the payroll process and ensure accuracy as per the SCHADS awards
  4. Propose best practices with our wide experience in the Disability sector
  5. Implementing Audit of Payslips

Our practices, policies and procedures are dealt with professionalism with years of expertise, leading to the effective and optimized growth of the NDIS industry.

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