Identifying Gaps in the NDIS Claiming Process

The NDIA is making changes to the NDIS myplace portal to improve the process when there is a gap between new and old participant plans. Sometimes there is a delay in the approval of a new plan. This can create a ‘gap’ between the old plan and the new plan.

This means a small number of NDIS participants have already had their plan extended and are able to receive support regardless of any delay in a new plan being approved.

It also means that the providers have been able to claim support delivered in accordance with the plan until the new plan is approved.

NDIS Claim is one of the crucial parts for an NDIS provider. If NDIS claims are not done correctly, the organisation tends to lose money and it may bring a cash crunch in the organisation. The NDIS providers have liquidity risk if the claims are done incorrectly.

Our study on the Disability industry concludes that as an NDIS provider, if you are hiring an employee whose pay rate is $100, you end up paying around 31% as an additional percentage. For instance, the workers’ compensation insurance is 4-6% of the gross pay, Annual leave is 7.6%, Super is 10.5%, Long Service leave is 2% and other expenses contribute to 4-5%. Hence, by considering the above example, it is very important to claim the right amount for an NDIS Provider.

At PNRC, we:

  1. check whether the Approved plan, Roster of care and Service agreement are all in synchronisation or not. If they are not, the organisation tends to lose money.
  2. prepare the SIL Claim calculation file and record invoices in accounting software.
  3. lodge a Claim on NDIS Portal through Bulk file or Manually.
  4. check the reason behind the error in the past year’s claims and solve that.
  5. compare the claims through the NDIA portal or Plan Managers with the costs.
  6. assess the amount received as per the claim and if the amount received is less, we record the credit note in the books of account and lodge the revised claim after solving the error.

Small gaps in the NDIS claiming process result in huge cashflow issues for the NDIS providers. We have been resolving these gaps in the NDIS claiming process and providing automation to the overall finance process in the NDIS organisations. With years of experience, we configure and provide you with the best solutions which will ultimately lead to the success of your organisation.

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